Sunday, June 1, 2014

马大的第一个Investment Seminar

过了一星期,觉得也应该更新一下之前在Investment Seminar的笔记。


这一天,真的很荣幸可以在马大参加第一个Investment Seminar 
''How to Invest Like An Idiot and Trade Like A Pro Seminar brought by Bursa Young Investor Club - BYIC, Universiti Malaya''  
The Speaker: Benny Lee & Jonathan Quek


有Warren Mak介绍有关Bursa Malaysia。
Bursa Malaysia是个平台让我们做买卖市场的Stock。

1. You work for money. 
You can work hard for money to support your whole life.
2. Your money works for you. We work hard, transfer the money to investment. Let's money work for us.

Type 1 and Type 2. Which you choose?

Inflation reduces purchasing power over time.
Investment helps beat inflation.
Inflation rate < Investment income rate

接下来有Jonathan Quek教导我们怎样选股。

1. What to buy (Look for company that monopoly the market/huge the economy skill)
2. Who are the people managing the business.
3. How much (Price vs Value) ''Price is what you pay, Value is what you get'' ; "Price is nothing, Value is everything"

''7 step''
1. Decide on your preferred investment strategies.
2. Look for a mentor.
3. Build a core team.
4. Find a good broker.
5. Build a system.
6. Keep good accounts of profits & losses.
7. Keep the Journal

最后到了Benny Lee。
Trading is simply means buying and selling, can do at any where.
Trading to gain dividend.
Trading to gain different in price.
Trading to buy low and sell high.
Trading to buy high and sell higher.

Every person sell, you buy.
Every person buy, you sell.
Every person talk about shares, is the time to leave.

Study in trading
1. Acquire knowledge - books, seminars, training programs.
2. If possible, get a real trader as a mentor.
3. Open a stock trading account.
4. Prepare a trading capital.
5. Develop a trading plan/strategy - including money management from the knowledge you acquired
6. Take action - start trading and keep trading journal for later reviews

从这个Seminar学到的投资知识,真的需要好好的利用,实现以及也要不停的学习。 加油哦。

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