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等了三个工作天,2014/05/27的今天,终于让我等到了这封信, 这封信看是没什么, 但却内有乾坤, 什么信会让我那么紧张,信里面到底是什么来的?


前几个月, 在网络上, 透过8share,认识了 KLIPS,KLIPS 是一个 Malaysia's movie community, 透过宣传自己想看的电影给朋友, 然后赢取Free Passes Ticket (Free List Ticket) or Premiere Screening Ticket。 

  • KLIPS by SAYS is Malaysia's very own online movie community where users connect to read, curate, review, rate and share all their favourite movies. It is the place to be to know what other Malaysians are watching.
  • What's greater is that you can even earn free premiere and regular movies passes by answering a quick and simple poll or by sharing a movie on your social media networks. This is our way of saying thank you for being such awesome supporters of KLIPS.
  • Be empowered to curate and add content to all the movies that you think are cool. That is the magic of KLIPS - you hold the power to add just about anything you think would be awesome for other people to know about the movies you like!
  • At the end of day, we are all just a bunch of Malaysians who love movies.

虽然, 面子书的朋友, 都没什么理我,反应一点都不热烈。

但最后还是很幸运的抽到一张能让两个人一起去电影院看 x-men days of future past 的 Free List Movie ticket (Free List 是要等电影上映两个星期后的意思 )。 哈哈。好过没有, 重要的是免费给我看电影。

可是, 却还没找到朋友陪我去看。 TT

有兴趣想了解 8Share or KLIPS


2014年5月27日 上

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