Monday, May 19, 2014


时间过得真快, 转眼间就一年了,还记得一年前的 5 月 21 日, 我抱着期待,兴奋,紧张的心情去SENTOSA REGENCY HOTEL, ALOR SETAR 面试。为了成为马大材料估测的学生。


1. Introduce yourself.
2. What is QS?
3. QS role in construction?
4. Why you choose QS?
5. Let's say you are QS. What do you need to do for built the hotel? What is the thing that you need to calculate and the flow of work?
6. Do you think the development of the place u interview is related to government?
7. What is the contribution you give to previous school?
8. Say about your family.
9. When u graduate, will you work at Malaysia or oversea. Since work at oversea will get the higher salary.

回想起,当时真的还好有做好准备, 以及没放弃面试的机会,不然我就没机会入学马大了。

大学的生活真的多姿多彩, 在课业上,其中就让我印象深刻的,就是熬夜赶功课,做Measurement, 当然少不了完成以下的模型。

真的很感激,让我来到马大入学的每个人 。 尤其是妈咪。我爱你。 :)

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