Monday, May 12, 2014

8Share can earn pocket money

Want earn some pocket money through online? 

Everyday just spend 5 ~ 10 min to share the specials in the 8share to Facebook, twitter, blog and so on. 

We can get paid in cash.

I believe that all of you already heard 8share, before is (youthsays).

8Share is a private rewards club of Malaysian social media users who earn cash for introducing advertiser campaigns to friends. 8Share members are always the first to know, and the first to share the latest videos, movie trailers, contests, events and promos.

How it work?

1.      Sharing specials

A unique visit via your unique URL gets rewarded the amount stated in the Specials you broadcast.
Clicks will only be counted as a reward if the person who clicked on your link has never seen the Special before.
Example if a friend clicks on the Special link of someone else before clicking on yours, the reward will only go to the first link clicked on. This is called the unique visit.

2. Invite your friends

Every successful invitation each will get RM 1.00
When a friend you invited has earned their first 10 unique visits, your reward will automatically be credited to your 8Share account.

Just share out and earn some pocket money. Simple and useful, the campaigns are good for us.
Register 8share is free.

Any enquiries, please do not feel hesitate to message me.


  1. hi bro,

    i am a new blog writer, would you like to exchange bloglist with me???


  2. Nice to meet you. Sure. My pleasure.